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Out of Breath (Breathing, #3) - Rebecca Donovan I'm absolutely stunned at the reaction this book has received!
I'm thinking this audience may not understand the phrase "it's about the journey..."

Seriously though.

Lets review please.

From the beginning we've seen Emma broken down, needing support, confidence and nurture from those around her. That has remained a constant. Clearly this girl needs some serious help.
Secondly, she needs to be loved or she doesn't feel worthy, and although I may not and absolutely do not agree with this constant message throughout the book, I've accepted it because this girls JOURNEY intrigued me.
This final installment wasn't about her being beaten to a pulp, wasn't about her overcoming the evil mother, it was about her ACCEPTING HERSELF. I don't understand why people would consider this a let down, and quite frankly I'm a little worried about the general thoughts on this.
In this book we witness the devastation this girl has brought down upon herself and those that love her and know her dearly. The author plays the reader very well, but acknowledging this through Emmas words and her apologies. Without this perspective Ms Donovan would've lost her audience.
Lets continue please.
Emma tries to recover and does a poor job, finding physical relief with someone who is kind and careful, in addition with soccer.... Until Emma receives devastating news and is forced to face her demons. She fights it every step of the way, and I caught myself several times shaking myself thinking "oh honey, you are a piece of work".
Fortunately for her this is where her touchstone reaches her. He doesn't bring her back to life, as it is suggested, but a weekend alone faced with ending it as suggested by the voices in her past repeat or taking her first breath reborn. I was never more proud of her than in the whole three books. You go girl.
Thank God for girlfriends like Sara out there, and they do exist in reality!! She gave the book a little spring to it when it felt like it was only grey skies ahead.
I would recommend this book to my close girlfriends, because we have had this(thankfully were past this melodramatic stage) friendship.
I absolutely loved watching this journey.
So thank you Rebeca Donovan. I think everybody else got it wrong, I got you and where you went with this. Im that smirking asshole right now.
Beautiful disaster.