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Some Are Sicker Than Others - Andrew Seaward Well, well, well....

This book was.....educational?

I don't really know what to say. About 30% of the book had me skeeved out. Don't get me wrong, I was totally curious about these psychological issues, and although I haven't been to AA, I could imagine it was something similar to what was told to us in the book.

I just...didn't relate to anyone. I didn't connect with it? My apologies, I'm still trying to figure out what it was that just didn't "click" for me.

I'm hanging on to the plot, but let me explain about the writing style.

There were times when it was well written, and there were times when it wasn't so smooth. I wasn't in love with the style, but it wasn't terrible. I'm not going to shit on it because we all have our opinions, and it wasn't anything striking to me.

That being said, until I figure out further how I feel about this book, I'm leaving this review alone.

3 stars.
Try it out.