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I have a special place in my heart for different and unique things, which happens to extend to my reading selections.

In Bed With A Stranger - Mary Wine Hmmm....

This is a story in which an English bastard born female is forced to pretend to be her half sister, Mary, whom is proxy married to a Scot, Broderick.

The hero is strong, confident and not a thinggg is wrong with him.

The heroine, is a little meek, but still has some strong female qualities. She also gets to know herself, more so through her "husband."

This overall was a very loving story, full of extreme sex scenes. By extreme I mean they happen frequent with pretty much no detail missing. I admit I skipped a couple of them, as it was just TOO much.

Unfortunately for me, it was missing some key points, where I actually thought I had missed a chapter.Below you will find my bad spots. Warning these might be considered spoilers.

-Her sister (Bonnie) at one point is brought to Scotland and stays while Anne goes back to England--How exactly is Bonnie going to get home when Anne has no intention of going back??

-There was no shock or really any reaction when she returns--OHHH huh. So you all knew. And you felt it was cool just to let me get knocked up. Cool, thanks fam!

-Mary intends to go back to court after Anne is taken care of. -- I'm sorry, once more? You think Broderick won't come back for his kid? I'm pretty sure even if he didn't care for Anne/Mary (whatever), he would still want to make certain the heir of his estate was healthy and a boy. How logical is it, that you think you'll just prance off to court with his son?

- The ending. I'm sorry, I've read several reviews on this as well. The ending. REALLY. There was no challenge to overcome at all, you couldn't have given us an anthill at least?? Puff.

We're a fickle lot, we want a HEA but we want our characters to work for it my friend.