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Simple Joy

I have a special place in my heart for different and unique things, which happens to extend to my reading selections.

Highland Promise - Mary McCall This had some very laughable moments.

A story of a young girl who has been tortured with guilt and penance since the age of childhood. We are taken to present day, where Faith our tortured heroine is coming to her fateful day of meeting prince .... um charming. He's a handsome highlander if you haven't already guessed, and on a mission.

His mission happens to be jumping from behind bushes claiming to save his band of warriors, Faith.

We are taken on their journey of happiness from all stages of wooing to marriage and the night of marriage to traveling home and away to happiness.

Dear readers don't be too discouraged by Faith supposed and repeatedly announced intelligence, her stupidity makes the story fun and light hearted. But if you're looking for something with a little more depth, do not pick up this book.

Overall it was cute and enjoyable for a breather from the heavier stuff.u