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The Lost Girl - Sangu Mandanna I hate when I don't have the outcome of most the reviews on here. I feel like a loser and somehow missed the joke/meaning.

I think a lot of people felt something strong for this book because it specifically dealt with DEATH OF A FAMILY MEMBER. NOT THE WRITING. Not the general plot of this book.

I understand that this book touches on some pretty powerful stuff. But to me, if you're really going to delve into the topics of death and recreating people, do it with some gumption.

This was kind of......well, a mess.

We follow Eva, a clone or "echo" of Amarra. Amarra's family had "bought" Eva so that if Amarra were to die, Miss Eva could step in and take it up from where Amarra left it off.

This didn't happen in the least.

To me, Eva didn't even attempt to be Amarra, which is kind of the whole point of this book. The plots focus, is that Eva has a mind too. Okay cool, I get it, but to me, it just didn't work. It would be like me whipping a story out of my ass and saying lets run with it, and whatever I decide is going to fly, even if it's not realistic or sensible or contradicts what I've already stated.

From a child, Eva has had to mirror EVERYTHING Amarra does. From reading books to getting tattoos, eating specific foods, to jumping in freezing flipping cold lakes.

If we are to play pretend this would work. We're here in reality however. We KNOW this doesn't work. You can eat, sleep, dance, what-the-fuck-ever as someone, does that mean you're going to have the same thoughts/feeling as that person? Hell no.

Mandanna covered her ass here by stating that she had a "piece of Amarra ingrained in her when she was sewn". Sorry this doesn't cut it.

Eva is willful, stubborn and to be straightforward, nothing like Amarra. Physically, yes. Every once in a while she'll have a dream or a recollection of faces she's seen before. But, well, that's the extent of it. The feelings she has for those people in Amarra's life, those are Eva's emotions--forced or natural. This whole "he touched me and I tingled just like Amarra did" is complete bullshit. It's called lust.

Don't get me wrong, there were moments. There were parts that were sensible. When Amarra's parent's had to make a huge decision. It was tough and I could feel the emotions within the act.

Let's talk about the tattoo on the back of her neck and how she could never leave the cottage because people might see it. AKA Eva was FORBIDDEN to leave the cottage. Like, she would get in trouble with her "creators and guardians". But she DOES leave the cottage, as she was made to do so, you know, to be an ECHO of someone if they die, her whole point of existence. A-and the tattoo is still there when she goes to "be" Amarra. Baffled.

And no one thought this was odd in their reading? It was full of these little conundrums.

The ending.....what a disaster.

A. Is this the one and only defective echo. No we've been shown/heard there were other before.
B. This is the first time the creators every felt empathy? Again, COMPLETElY UNREALISTIC
C. SHE KILLED YOUR FUCKING DAUGHTER ADRIAN! ENOUGH. I would've trashed this B and I was influenced to hate you, Adrian.
D. Adrian didn't have an Echo for said daughter
E. Why wouldn't he Echo himself.
F. And we've come full circle. What a disappointing first 2013 book.