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Stormdancer - Jay Kristoff FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE.

I love when our authors make some strong ass females. THANK YOU JAY KRISTOFF. THANK YOU

This story was passionate. The bones of this story remind me of 1984. You should have a gist of what this is about by that description.

In this review I'm going to try and simplify things for you. Why you may and may not love this book.

Mr Kristoff is really into descriptive imagery. And I enjoy that, to extent. There were certain times in the book I felt like saying


Why did I rate it four stars my friends? Because I prevailed. I put my foot down and said "you sir, are not going to deter me from enjoying this damn book". And once I got past the first 50 or so pages I did enjoy it. Now listen, you really shouldn't be encouraged when someone writes in a review "once you get past..." BUT you will be missing out on some fantastic dialogue and some great butt kicking action.

There were some holes as well and I really wanted to get the story, but I'm hoping in the next book of the series we get some more descriptive details. Wink Wink.

Okay now this is the important part. The stuff thats going to make you want to hold onto your mind grip of this book if you're getting frustrated.and

We are following the life of Yukiko. A head strong, intelligent, compassionate and genuine girl. She's the product of a father who is the head huntsman of the Shogun, also a lotus addict and a sweet and gentle mother.

What is lotus. I'm going to describe it pretty much equivalent to opium. The world we are immersed in is clogged with this shit. I mean it's used for everything, from smoking to fueling their....well hot air balloons. I'm actually kind of embarrassed I just called them that but that's what kept popping into my head. The air is so thick with its destructive properties, that you shake your head at the pollution.

So there's our world. Pretty tragic.

And the puppet running this show is the Shogun. A young and hmmm selfish, arrogant, close minded ASS.

But who are the guys that are running the puppet.....? You shall see.

So back to Yukiko. She is also telepathic with animal(s).

The Shogun being a psychopath that he is, has a dream of riding a griffin of thunder and lightning (an Arashitora) into battle. He is fierce he is powerful and the animal in said dream is pretty much a myth among the people.

Guess who we get to meet and because of kick ass Yukiko's telepathic abilities? Burru (the Arashitora) as Yukiko renamed him. He is one sassy son of a BEE. He has attitude, he has a fierce loyalty and a strong connection to our girl. During their time together we witness the two trying to define what is good and bad. Example, is clipping the wings of an ancient and possibly extinct race of Arashitora a good thing if the Shogun says so?

We follow her challenges and battle of will through the lotus clogged air(s) of the Kigen to the rich and lush forests the are still untouched by the "blood lotus".

I feel like this review hasn't done justice for this book.

I say give it a try, try and work your way through the long descriptive paragraphs and envision what Jay Kristoff has created. Follow the current and allow yourself to be swept away.

SIDE NOTE. I noticed with a lot of reviews that people are very unsatisfied with the Japanese culture and the way it is used (said improper words etc) I would like to research this more as a lot of reviewers has "rants" because the book is mostly and truly described as a Japanese steam punk book.