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Flying Blind (The Dragon Diaries, #1) - Deborah Cooke This was cute.

I really would have liked this book when I was a teenager, therefore that is who I recommend this book for.

So I've read the whole series, or at least I think it's complete, and now I am reviewing, so this may be a little revealing. Not spoiler-type revealing, just mannerisms in writing.

Zoe is just a regular teen doing her thing, trying to survive peer pressure, mean girls and overall puberty. EXCEPT she had another characteristic she's trying to develop besides boobs; She's the Waveryn, not just A Waveryn, THE Waveryn. WHAT?? you say.

Ahem, yes Waveryn, the one and only female dragon of her "clan". Except for the fact that she hasn't been able to "shapeshift" since she was about two. But everyone (including herself) is expecting any day for her to transform.

So you get a little pumped for her during the first few chapter with anticipation, (you can do it Zoe) but then Mrs Cooke introduces boys and you kinda heave a sigh of annoyance by the eighth chapter. Okay, seriously. I know teenage girls are a little googly eyed when it comes to young rascals their age, but honestly, I never thought of them as "sexy". Hell, I don't even call guys my own age sexy. Its just WEIRD.

Continuing on folks, although the plot was good, I felt it could have been developed, it could have been challenging-- again I forget this is a YA book, I know, I know...but I FELT the potential here.
At one point, Zoe was in a bit of a bind, and you know what she did? YOU KNOW WHAT SHE DID



And POOF, Zoe didn't have to be clever, she didn't have to fight and lose something valuable, she didn't learn a damn thing! Problem Solved. I could go on a tangent right about....here about whats wrong with our children now-a-days. But I shall stop myself.

And this is a reoccurring deal through out the three books in this series, so if you don't like the idea of that, well my friends, take this book off the To Read shelf.