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The Hero of Ages - Brandon Sanderson FN' WOW!


How the hell can one mind interconnect and pull apart a story such as this and weave it the F back together. How can one create a tale so fn complex. Imagination so vivid. I am seriously awed by Sanderson. This series has....speechless.

It was a fantastic story, but that is not what blows my mind. It is how he connected everything in the end. I'm certain, while you've read you've formed questions in your brain, you question the author. I would first like to say that I never questioned Sanderson, he never contradicted himself, he never broke the rules because he needed to fix a scene within the book. EVERYTHING JUST FLOWED. I've been left extremely frustrated with some series/authors because they will totally ruin the story by breaking one of their "rules" whether this applies to magic or emotions or whatever the author has created.

This is the ending to the series, I find I don't want to really explain what it was about. Because you basically know if you've read the first two books within the series.

It was extremely depressing, I have to say. I don't know if it was just my bad week affecting my reading or that it really was. The world is essentially falling apart, more like breaking apart. Vin and Elend are trying their best to keep things together, but there are just too many factors for this couple. Fighting Koloss to keep their people alive, fighting the mists that are suffocating daylight and in turn plants, fighting the people who STILL believe in the damn Lord Ruler. The books take you on their journey which is truly guided by something that lies within...all three of them.

Two things that I will comment on, that you should be wary of.

OH MY GOODNESS he re-explains everything, the metals, the way Vin killed the Lord Ruler, he goes over their insecurities OVER AND OVER AND OVER. It really kind of distracts you because you want to skip through it.

Second is, yes it is a FN fantastic book, explaining everything. And in doing so, he explains EVERYTHING. You really need to stay in the zone or else I found myself wandering, and you really can't afford to miss the details.

This book is beautiful. I enjoyed it because I enjoyed the writing. The story was fascinating as well.