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I have a special place in my heart for different and unique things, which happens to extend to my reading selections.

The Thief - Megan Whalen Turner A good book, I started it @ 9 and stayed up until 3am reading it.

Here's the basics...

There are 3 cities, Sounis, Eddis and Attolia. They are not at war with each other but also not too trusting.

Gen, is having a nice stay at the prison of Sounis when the book begins. The King's Magnus removes Gen from his current stay to travel on a mission to find a stone for the King. This book takes you through their adventure in finding the stone and the reasoning behind it. Its actually really entertaining.

Why I don't give it more stars. You can tell this was written by a female. NOW, I don't mean that offensively, but with the way the characters react and some of the dialogue you know these kids wouldn't be asking the kind of questions or pettiness she has the kids talking/doing in the book. There's a couple of scenes that focus on jealousy and it just didn't click for me. These are guys, they're not going to go around throwing words or looks at each other. I suppose later on we discover a reason why, and I get it now. But still it was noticeable enough for me to remember.

There were also so very cook cutter characters in this book.


These are a little bit of my gripes, but overall I really enjoyed this book and I highly recommend that you read it and chuckle out loud at 3 am in the morning just like I did.