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I have a special place in my heart for different and unique things, which happens to extend to my reading selections.

Private Arrangements - Sherry Thomas This book is a pure pleasure book. Not meant sexually either.

It was wonderful. I wasn't able to put this book down, and read it on this past wonderfully rainy Sunday. I hope that if you're reading this you give it a try.

Let me sum up the plot for you.

Gigi, a very selfish young girl, with a hard heart. She grows up rather quickly and realizes all there is to "love."
You have to give her credit, in a society where it's quite clear, without being said, that you chase the rich man with a title, or vice versa. Or if you're lacking in one department, say a title as Miss Gigi is, you find a counterpart with a title who is lacking what you have. Puzzle SOLVED!
Our lovely heroine, is just little too blunt about it. She knows what she wants and goes for it. Simple.

Our hero, Camden, falls madly for Gigi. Except he has pledged his heart to another woman. Unfortunately, he too has put a spell on Gigi and she does something unthinkable, but totally thinkable. When Camden finds out what she has done, he chooses to marry her and then throw her away like a rag doll.

The character are LOVEABLE even with their nasty flaws.

This book just WASN'T the same from your typical romance genre, there was no stupid confusion or holding back thoughts. It was just a matter of horrible flaws in our heroine/hero.