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I have a special place in my heart for different and unique things, which happens to extend to my reading selections.

The Courtship Dance - Candace Camp I FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS BOOK!!

Francesca, our heroine, has something to get off her chest. In walks our wonderfully solid, handsome, steadfast hero, who was Francesca's earlier fiance.....now one of her closest male friends, Rochford.

She's been avoiding him for some time now and it's a bit of a mystery to him, until she awkwardly blurts out how sorry she was to have misjudged him and broke of the engagement......wait, what.

Francesa, now a widower who is on the edge of poverty now turns her grace, elegance, wit and beauty into profitable service for the young debutantes. Her lonely heart still aches for something, but not really understanding what that exactly is she throws herself into her work. She makes a decision to make up for her terrible mistake (a broken engagement to a very wonderful gentlemen, Rochford) by finding him a perfect wife. He deserves it!

The banter between these two mature people is awesomely amusing.
The hero and heroine ACTUALLY LIKE each other throughout the book.
You don't have any serious worries that the character needs to in fact be put into a psychiatric ward instead of their counterparts arms.
Its sweet and normal and romantic.

I know if I were a different age, different stage I might not enjoy this. But I cannot tell you how much of a surprise and refresher this book was.

Well done.