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Strega - Andrew Vachss The second in the series of Burke.

I didn't enjoy this one as much as I did the first one. And it's not real enjoyment, more fascination.

Strega was a hard book, with hard things going on, but somehow Mr Vachss decided to add some fluff into the book and I'm not really sure how I took that. Mr Vachss has made it clear the evils out there, and to the point, shoved it in our faces in Flood. So why now is he trying to show us a softer side? Give us a breather from all the maggots? I don't get it, nor do I see where this will go.

Okay so let me tell you a little about this book.

It always starts off with just one case, and slowly expands.

Burke is asked by his jailbird friend to help a woman in a bad place. Burke, being Burke, doesn't pass the chance up. Its simple, find the scumbag who is harassing/threatening the woman and her child and dispose of the scumbag. Simple.

When Burke start to come down from his adrenaline rush and float back into mild depression, the woman, Strega, finds him and our plot is made.

Strega's daughter, whom is safe now, has a friend who it's discovered has not been spared from the likes of what Burke disposed of. Strega's mission to Burke -- find the paraphernalia that is haunting her daughters best friend.

Taking you through the angry and vulgar streets of NYC on his mission you discover the same vermin you found in Flood.

However, and this is the part that I did not personally like, Mr Vachss makes a mystery a barrier about and around Strega. I saw the ending page from the beginning page. And I just didn't get Burke with her. WHY Burke, WHY?

The climax, was not really a climax, although I got to meet Wolfe, whom I'm eager to see in the next of the series. It fell flat in comparison.

But I'm intrigued with the history of these books. And I like what he is/was trying to do with this information.

Not a bad read.