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I have a special place in my heart for different and unique things, which happens to extend to my reading selections.

The Duke - Gaelen Foley I did not enjoy this all that much.

There were some good humorous moments but in the end the plot just wasn't there, or maybe I didn't connect with it.

Our heroine, Belinda Hamilton, started off as a good daughter to a countryman. Through some way of destiny, she meets Dolph, a handsome asshole who falls head over heels with her instantly.

From that moment forward Dolph swears to have her, although she refuses him, he finds way to bring them closer together. And by closer together I mean he makes her destitute and a prostitute. So she has no where else to turn to right? WRONG.

In walks our handsome, dashing, serious hero, Robert Knight. Rob has been secretly set up to do some manhunting, although he has no idea it was all set up. Robert spies a dramatic scene between his enemy (Dolph) and Miss Bel. From there everything spirals quite literally out of control.

Bel is propositioned to become Mister Knights mistress, in name only, for two months.

How perfect that a man is paying for a woman to have sex with, and tells her, "no, no that's okay". Needless to say they fall in love and have to battle an evil man with scheming plans.

Lets just say I did not enjoy this.

At some moments Belinda was quite and the "perfect wife" other moments she was a broken doll, and then there were still sometimes that she was a headstrong female. I couldn't tell what she really was it was high and low and gave me a blasted headache by then.

I would not recommend this.