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I have a special place in my heart for different and unique things, which happens to extend to my reading selections.

Then Came You - Lisa Kleypas I have mixed emotions on this one, but the overall feeling I get from this book is pleasant.

At first I didn't like Miss Lily. She's bold to the point of, even I would be embarassed this day and age. Which definitely says some things.

She's bold, doesn't give a fig, swears, gambles with the gentlemen of the ton, and hunts. This is a large amount of BS in one mouthful. You know damn well that this WOULD NOT happen in her time. We'll brush that to the side, because I've already bought the book and continue on in our magical world of Then Came You.

She meets up with the blond, beautiful Mr. Alex Raiford. Who happens to be engaged to Lily's sister. Interesting

In order to save her sister from a heartless marriage Lily must do SOMETHING.
Lily being outcasted from her family, for obvious reasons, sets to reconcile her relationship with them and gain entrance into Alex's home, where they are staying. From there you deal with lots of schemes, and love making.

Now this story can actually be quite charming, if you disregard the majority of the book not containing an ounce of reality, and I think that it does better than some other gaudy books I've read with higher ratings.

It does have some cute dialogue and I enjoyed reading it.

I would recommend it for someone who is not looking for a serious read or attention to detail, but I say that in the most non-malicious way, seriously.