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Last Argument of Kings - Joe Abercrombie Hmmmm.....

This book was the final read in the series and had to wrap everything up nice and neat.

My feelings on this book are torn and frustrated. IT WAS A FANTASTIC BOOK. But did I like it....did I like the ending which made PERFECT sense.

I guess I wanted my fairytale. I guess I wanted it all to come together in one final knot with all the characters exactly where they should be (in my mind at least). But then again, thats EXACTLY why I loved this book. Could you at any point say that you were faithful to one character in this book? I'd like to think I could say yes, I loved Logen through out the book, but I think it would be a lie. The characters were continuously growing and taking on different roles, switching hats if you will. And that is how you my friends, know that you are reading a great book by a GREAT author.

It reminded me of GOT. Please, please, please don't take offense. It really had no similarities except that you cannot caterogize the characters within these authors plots. AND I LOVE IT! Why should one person be labeled "evil" and one be "good"....that't not how it works.

I guess a quick summary would be in order here.....

I forget even where one book ends and the next begins in this series. Logen travels back to kill the king o' the north, Bethod. Along his journey he meets up with his old clan. They find themselves vastly out numbered by Bethods men. However a crazy mountain man comes down and the plot takes off from this point of view.
You find Jezel back at the palace in the mist of a political warfare until a surprising promotions take Jezel to a position he cannot refuse. Artee(?) is a past complication, or is she?
Glotka-- one of my grossly favorite characters is his typical manipulative self. Trying to weasel his way for a little more breathing room between two strong "masters".
Bayaz, is crazier than ever and we learn some more details on his mysterious backgroud. Although I wish the author would've gone dirty and given us more details, I'll settle for what was given to me.

Fantastic book.