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I have a special place in my heart for different and unique things, which happens to extend to my reading selections.

Daughter of the Forest - Juliet Marillier I absolutely adored this book.

Not because it had a strong story to tell, but it was a lovely story to read. The way Juliet Marillier wrote was absolutely peaceful. Does that make sense? I'm sure it doesn't, and for the those that have read this little nugget of beauty probably are thinking HUH?? I guess I can give you an example, one of the first paragraphs in the book:

.." a breeze stirred the branches of oak and elm, ash and elder, and scattered a drift of leaves, gold and bronze and brown. The lake lay in a circle of tree-clothed hills, sheltered as if in a great chalice."

I just fell in love with the words.

Its a retelling of a story as I've been told, and unfortunately, no, I have no read the original.

A young daughter, the seventh of seven children who is forced to partake in a horrible, soul shattering journey. And yet, she survives and is stronger than before.
Her father is a shattered man that focuses all of his energy on maintaining what he has to keep from dwelling on what he has lost. He goes off on a campaign one season and returns with a villainous step mother for his seven gifted children.
Slowly strange things start happening around the household while this woman is in residence, forcing this children to gather together to summon forth a greater force. Unfortunately they manage to do the opposite. Forced under a spell, the six brothers are turned into swans.

Her journey turns from tragedy to a beautifully subtle love that touches your heart.

Highly recommeded