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I have a special place in my heart for different and unique things, which happens to extend to my reading selections.

Sold and seduced - Michelle Styles It was a nice book, but it wasn't really fulfilling. Not saying these kind of books should be but I thought it would be more.

The story.

A young woman whom is running the household, Lydia, trying to keep her family from crumbling apart. Shes caught in a tough situation and chooses the morally right path. Unfortunately, every action has a reaction. This action has lead her to be married off to one of the most notoriously known intimidating men, the "Sea Wolf." And on top of that he isn't even an upper class citizen. She's marrying BENEATH herself!!!!

Unfortunately the plot doesn't really do a thorough job, I mean there could have been a divine story had Ms Styles followed through.

Like why didn't she follow up with:

Lupan's houses' story
Offiellus's hate, and the history behind the rift?
What about Gallus's involvement?
Where is Publius during all of this and why he takes no responsibility and it's okay?
Why did Cornelius change?
What was Cornelius's illness?

Nevermind, there are just too many damn questions to go through the whole damn book and try and write down.

It wasn't a very detailed story.