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The Well of Ascension - Brandon Sanderson WOW!

Awesome, awesome, awesome book.

This was a fantastic read. Although others may say it was slow, which I read before starting, I thought it was perfect. Throughout the WHOLE book you're trying to guess what path our wonderful author Brandon Sanderson is going to take. The book is just full of anticipation. I loveddd it!

So The Well of Ascension starts off with young Vin hopping around the city finding new miscreants and even being lured into a dangerous relationship (frienemy) with a very powerful force. This back and forth between these two characters grows stronger and stronger throughout the book. You also have Elend struggling to maintain peace within the final empire. And schemes begin taking place, poor Elend has to learn a very tough lesson. You have Sazed who comes back to research and is his normal wize self. Spending a majority of his time puzzling over the greatest mystery in the final empire. The same crew, loyal as always. Training, organizing, seeking and arguing. OreSeur, our newest addition, the Kandra that took over Kelsier's body, now has a new one, well goes through several newest ones. I really enjoyed his interactions with Vin as well....they became something to look forward to within the book.
Several other characters appear in this book as well, and although I don't want to give anything away, they are important to our main characters listed above. Sanderson didn't make us fall in love with them; however the affects they have on our beloved men above moves you very deeply when everything is said and done.
Unfortunately you also discover there is a "traitor" within their group. You will spend the majority of your time reading trying to figure out who it could be, who would you not think it would be that could be a possible candidate. Again I failed.
You also read of armies gathering outside the new empires walls, waiting to take the throne when it's weakest. Don't worry, the wait of the book is totally worth the fight. You feel invigorated as it takes place.
And the biggest mystery of all, the cliff hanger that left you before....What were the Lord Ruler's last word suppose to mean? What's going to happen?

You see, with all these obstacles for your brain to mull over, how could you POSSIBLY be bored?

Highly recommended.