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I have a special place in my heart for different and unique things, which happens to extend to my reading selections.

The Goose Girl - Shannon Hale I did not enjoy this book at all after re reading it.

I understand it's meant for a younger demographic, but you can still find children's stories that bring a smile to your face while reading it. Doesn't the same apply to YA books?

Its about a girl, who is a little odd, and a princess. Her mother berates her for it, her father adores her, but really doesn't care too much about anything, letting the mother take power essentially. Nothing surprising about the roles. Which is perfectly fine. This is after all an adaption of a fairy tale.

So our lovely princess rides away with one of her handmaids and a party of men to escort her safely to her betrothed. (Oh, yes. Sorry, her mother betrothed her to an enemy that they want to make an ally). Unfortunately the handmaid is a nasty bitch, who is envious of the princess's position and manages to maneuver their positions (handmaid, princess).

The Princess (the real one) finds her way into the town of her betrothed. Once there, she kind of just lays down and takes it for a while. (This is the part that I did really enjoy). But you watch her grow bolder, become less timid and finally find herself through all her fear. Events happen and she finds herself longing for a gentlemen who is kind to her, regardless of her newly granted station (which is not a promotion).

So not to spoil the book, which I'm really bad at when explaining a book, I will try and be as vague as possible.

Some more events happen, blah blah blah. BAM. She needs to confront her hand maid (the fake princess) or else something really really really bad will happen.

TA - DA! Done. The end, and they live happily ever after, swooning over each other.

Reason I did not like it.

Mother was still a jerk in the end.
Betrothed had to be rescued!
Never really found out about the aunt
THE HORSE : ( WHY?! (I almost cried)
The people that shelter her, really didn't get much recognition. Hmmm...