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Hallowed - Cynthia Hand Okay, just finished.

I just keep going between giving it 3 star and 4 stars.

I'm pretty upset with the beginning half of the book, maybe even the last part of Unearthly as well. Why? Because of the actions and reactions she takes towards her mum. She comes off as always angry and only a boy will make her happy; and that really upsets me. This might've been cool to shrug off if she hadn't been 16 or 17 but she was.

I wanted to like our little heroine, because you understand the pressure she's under, but some of things she says or does is kind of unforgivable.

I'm a total mommy's girl, so reading this totally affected me. In the first book, you feel she's connected with her in a special daughter mother bond, but then you see it start to fade as she becomes boy crazy. And that theme, flickers in and out throughout this book. And it truly screws with your head, because you want to like her, but realize how incredibly inconsiderate she really is. She's thinking of herself, not of the sacrifices other angel bloods have had to make too, which you know she knows. Just really freaking pisses me off.

So will I read the next installment?

I think I might, I hope this Clara grows into a more mature, better character.