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I have a special place in my heart for different and unique things, which happens to extend to my reading selections.

Mistborn: The Final Empire - Brandon Sanderson I seriously had my doubts about this book when just starting it.

It was sooo slow, and was I really a sci-fi fantasy girl?...no, not really.

Am I SO glad that I pulled through and continued.This book is enchanting, it was a tiny bit on the slow side, and I kept racking my brain to figure out what twist coming next. Nope, it didn't come to my little brain.

The world that Mr. Sanderson creates is so REAL. You can look up into that sky and imagine the ash falling down on your face like snow. You can feel the rough grubbiness ingrained in your hands and feel like you are in the ash covered world. Its WONDERFUL!!!

So let me give a brief summary.

A book about a band of thieves, well I don't actually believe that is the correct word for them. Anyways.

You're introduced to an array of Allomancers that form this tight knit group. Each has their own story, their own secret, their own way of thinking and yet they share a bond, a common goal and an understanding that is revealed to us in the end.
They "rescue" a young cub, one of them, named Vin. Although at first she is shy and timid about this group, they encourage her to truly develop her allomancy skills and you see her transform. She becomes kind of like a flower unfolding her petals, and you get to witness wonderful emotions that she's never felt before.
Through a plot to over throw The Ruler, you are captivated throughout the book.
I loved the ending to this book but I was still mourning for a great loss that was taken from our our little ragamuffin crew. UGH.

Great book.

Highly recommend it.

Oh and four stars, because it took a minute to warm up. But once there it flew by, almost too fast!