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I have a special place in my heart for different and unique things, which happens to extend to my reading selections.

The Wise Man's Fear - Patrick Rothfuss Its good.

But I like the Name of the Wind better.

Here's why.

- Kvothe becomes a brat.
- I actually got impatience and wanted the plot to move faster. Ex : Mr Rothfuss spends a good amount of time going into detail about Kvothe's adventure in The Fea world. In these details you will spend your time reading how he has youthful sex with the Felurian about 5 different times? I mean, there's more times, but this is just when Mr Rothfuss goes into detail. I felt it was drawn out and kind of unnecessary
- Denna becomes a whore
- Although you get a glimpse at Cinder, you receive no detail about why or how Cinder would want to hang out with a bunch bandits. To explain my confusion, it is described in The Name of the Wind The Chandrian appear out of no where when someone has dug a little too deep into their history (or dug up the smallest amount of information, such as their names). However, in the Wise Man's Fear you find a member of the Chandrian hanging out with normal guys trying to steal money from, not even the king, but the Maer. Why?

In all fairness, I think my impatience's was due to wanting him to get on with his life back at the University. He was gone for almost 4 months and you felt it too while reading.

It's still excellence series, and I would definitely recommend it.