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Find You in the Dark (Find You in the Dark, #1) - A. Meredith Walters DID I READ THE WRONG BOOK?!?

What in the HELL was that. This is just fucking scary that these girls are rating it five stars.

Not only are there editing issues, but the plot was all over the fucking place.

Where in this book did you find a love story? Because in the book that I READ, I was rooting for a girl called Maggie May to get the hell out of some twisted, mind-fuck, mentally abusive relationship. Which sadly for me looks like it wont happen. This is just awful.

Is it love to be embarrassed in front of your classmates because your boyfriends crazy possessive?
Is it love when youre that nasty couple dry humping(my imagination here) in the cafeteria, so much so that the principal comes over to tell you to cut the shit?
Is it love when youre purposely distancing yourself from the relationships youve had since you were a baby because your boyfriends jealous and feels left out?
FINALLY, FOR FUCKS SAKE, IS IT LOVE WHEN YOUR BOYFRIEND INSTIGATES AND PUSHES YOU TO HAVE SEX WITH HIM IN A PUBLIC PARK ON A COLD ASS FUCKING BENCH ON A FALL NIGHT? If that turns you on, honey, then youll like this book. I felt dirty and ready to get this book over worth since 30%. Ms. Walters youve wasted 6 hours of my life. The time it took me to make the money to buy your shitty book to the time it took me to read it.
Heed this review!!!!