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This is just a test run, but I may end up leaving Goodreads if I like the way things feel around here.


It's sad really.

Relic - Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child It was a good book but too long.

Thats what you need to know.
Hungry Ghosts (Time, Blood and Karma, Book Two) - John Dolan Review to come.
Unspoken - Sarah Rees Brennan Oh boy.

I was extremely skeptical in the beginning. Who is this person forcing me into these awkward quirky convos.

Well those conversations definitely grew on me to the point of embarrassingly laughing out loud continuously.

Kami's good shit. I think she gets it from her father.

The characters were engaging and humorous.

The plot was actually not what I expected, but surprisingly I enjoyed it. This is not a Harry Potter and I am so grateful for that.

I was heart broken by the last page.
Find You in the Dark (Find You in the Dark, #1) - A. Meredith Walters DID I READ THE WRONG BOOK?!?

What in the HELL was that. This is just fucking scary that these girls are rating it five stars.

Not only are there editing issues, but the plot was all over the fucking place.

Where in this book did you find a love story? Because in the book that I READ, I was rooting for a girl called Maggie May to get the hell out of some twisted, mind-fuck, mentally abusive relationship. Which sadly for me looks like it wont happen. This is just awful.

Is it love to be embarrassed in front of your classmates because your boyfriends crazy possessive?
Is it love when youre that nasty couple dry humping(my imagination here) in the cafeteria, so much so that the principal comes over to tell you to cut the shit?
Is it love when youre purposely distancing yourself from the relationships youve had since you were a baby because your boyfriends jealous and feels left out?
FINALLY, FOR FUCKS SAKE, IS IT LOVE WHEN YOUR BOYFRIEND INSTIGATES AND PUSHES YOU TO HAVE SEX WITH HIM IN A PUBLIC PARK ON A COLD ASS FUCKING BENCH ON A FALL NIGHT? If that turns you on, honey, then youll like this book. I felt dirty and ready to get this book over worth since 30%. Ms. Walters youve wasted 6 hours of my life. The time it took me to make the money to buy your shitty book to the time it took me to read it.
Heed this review!!!!
Dirty Red (Love Me With Lies, #2) - Tarryn Fisher I'm addicted to this series.

This should be a soap opera.

You have :

Sleeping with sibling
Baby Hating
Love Triangle
Hospital Visits
Family Secrets
...missing violence (thank God)

So there you have it.
Unteachable - Leah Raeder Im not sure exactly how to feel about this.

Ms Raeder used heavy foreshadowing throughout the book so you always had a knot in your stomach.

I appreciate the storyline because it was realistic, thank you so much for that, you really dont know how much that means to me Raeder.

It was a fun packed book with a shit ton of drama thrown in your face. You can read it quickly and miss the depth of it, but either way its an entertaining read.

What I loved most was how up front the author was of writing a taboo, confronting the issue of writing a book about a teacher having sex woth his student.

Not a full five star because Im really not sure if I like the underlying tale/morale.

But it was refreshing.
The Heiress Effect (Brothers Sinister, #2) - Courtney Milan This was an adorable little read.

Perfect for the distraction I was looking for.

We are following a story of Jane.

Poor Jane, she doesn't know any better, so she simply does the exact opposite instead of putting effort in and failing. She's over the top, extreme in topic, loud in conversation and overall a lovely human being (character). Jane is logical, she's realistic and yet forgiving all in the same.
She unfortunately also was saddled with a horrible family, who thankfully for her, are all deceased except for an airhead uncle and a caged little sister.

The story line although a little stretched, is totally bearable.

I think I appreciate this book most significantly because there are NO MISUNDERSTANDINGS here. The characters are not hiding their emotions, they're very open and realistic.

Much appreciated.
Thank you Courtney Milan.
Sanctum - Sarah Fine I am totally not into this genre.... I LOVED this book.

I think because it STRONGLY focused on romance. And there were about 4 "sexy" comments that I cringed at. But overall it was pure romance.
Our Song - Jordanna Fraiberg I actually didn't really appreciate this book. At all.

There was really no progress here.

Our lead was in love one boy, until he turned his back on her. And then she just loved another boy.

There was no independent self love, well not until you snapped your fingers and boom! You get how to love yourself before giving your heart to someone else.

On another note, they also taught that it was okay to have an unbalanced relationship.

In other news.... I NEVER WANT TO REPRODUCE.
Out of Breath (Breathing, #3) - Rebecca Donovan I'm absolutely stunned at the reaction this book has received!
I'm thinking this audience may not understand the phrase "it's about the journey..."

Seriously though.

Lets review please.

From the beginning we've seen Emma broken down, needing support, confidence and nurture from those around her. That has remained a constant. Clearly this girl needs some serious help.
Secondly, she needs to be loved or she doesn't feel worthy, and although I may not and absolutely do not agree with this constant message throughout the book, I've accepted it because this girls JOURNEY intrigued me.
This final installment wasn't about her being beaten to a pulp, wasn't about her overcoming the evil mother, it was about her ACCEPTING HERSELF. I don't understand why people would consider this a let down, and quite frankly I'm a little worried about the general thoughts on this.
In this book we witness the devastation this girl has brought down upon herself and those that love her and know her dearly. The author plays the reader very well, but acknowledging this through Emmas words and her apologies. Without this perspective Ms Donovan would've lost her audience.
Lets continue please.
Emma tries to recover and does a poor job, finding physical relief with someone who is kind and careful, in addition with soccer.... Until Emma receives devastating news and is forced to face her demons. She fights it every step of the way, and I caught myself several times shaking myself thinking "oh honey, you are a piece of work".
Fortunately for her this is where her touchstone reaches her. He doesn't bring her back to life, as it is suggested, but a weekend alone faced with ending it as suggested by the voices in her past repeat or taking her first breath reborn. I was never more proud of her than in the whole three books. You go girl.
Thank God for girlfriends like Sara out there, and they do exist in reality!! She gave the book a little spring to it when it felt like it was only grey skies ahead.
I would recommend this book to my close girlfriends, because we have had this(thankfully were past this melodramatic stage) friendship.
I absolutely loved watching this journey.
So thank you Rebeca Donovan. I think everybody else got it wrong, I got you and where you went with this. Im that smirking asshole right now.
Beautiful disaster.
Indelible - Karin Slaughter I think this was probably my favorite read in the Grant County series.

As you follow Chief Detective Jeffery and Sara not only around the crime scene, witnesses, and their jagged and scarred past.

Kisscut - Karin Slaughter Okay.

Subject of book, surprised me. They always do on this subject and instantly turn my stomach.

Favorite character goes to : Hank. (You rock man! Love that he wears hawaiian shirts, and can still whip an emotionally distraught, downard spiraling abused female into shape and be loving at the same time.

Least favorite : (spoiler) so cliched. Lets make it interesting here Slaughter.

Plot: Overall very...intriguing? Like stated above, did not see this coming. Personally, not educationally wise, I believed there were more easier ways to figure out the leads these detectives were given.

Overall, I enjoyed the book. Three stars.
The Likeness - Tana French This is the 2nd book I've read by Tana French, and it is the 2nd book in her Dublin Murder Squad series.

I think I've got the hang of her, but just for giggles I've started on the 3rd book in the series about our boy Frankie.

Anyways, I've come to realize, that although these book could technically be called Mystery, Thriller they're WAY deeper than that.

She really know how to weave a story together and the ending is beautiful. But getting there sometimes can take a lot out of you.

This is the story of Cassie Maddox. She's just come off the whirlwind of a case with her now long gone partner Rob. (I refuse to believe you would just leave us hanging like that French, he's coming back I swear). So I guess for all those hopeful out there, no Rob-Ryan will not make an appearance in this book, not physically at least.
No, this is more like a story of Cassie finding herself through this case. And you fall in love with the strange world she's been pushed into, and she falls in love with it too.
A young woman is found murdered in some quaint little town. Turns out the woman looks like a twin of our gal Cassie. But she's far from her in most every sense. So what do you do when you have one dead girl and a mirror of her living and in fact in your circle of co workers? Why you switch out the dead girl with the living one, right? It's wonderful, fantastically unrealistic, but all the same, wonderful.

I loved this story. All the gritty bits and beautiful bits and just the bits of it.

Four stars, great book.
In the Woods - Tana French Well this book will COMPLETELY depress you. But it will also entertain you.

I need to sort my thoughts here. Review to come.
Never Let Me Go - Kazuo Ishiguro What an amazing fucking book.

I am an emotionally torn up person inside after this. Not because of one incident or something a character said, but because the story was bit by bit woven into such a controversial, heart breaking, sad web.

Im describing this as morbid, and maybe it is, but the storytelling....its just fucking beautiful.

I read a review before starting this that advised NOT to read reviews. So true. Thank you for that. So with that said, this is my review.

Read it when youre ready and be prepared to have your heart slowly pulled from your chest.

Damn good writing.