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I have a special place in my heart for different and unique things, which happens to extend to my reading selections.

The Likeness - Tana French This is the 2nd book I've read by Tana French, and it is the 2nd book in her Dublin Murder Squad series.

I think I've got the hang of her, but just for giggles I've started on the 3rd book in the series about our boy Frankie.

Anyways, I've come to realize, that although these book could technically be called Mystery, Thriller they're WAY deeper than that.

She really know how to weave a story together and the ending is beautiful. But getting there sometimes can take a lot out of you.

This is the story of Cassie Maddox. She's just come off the whirlwind of a case with her now long gone partner Rob. (I refuse to believe you would just leave us hanging like that French, he's coming back I swear). So I guess for all those hopeful out there, no Rob-Ryan will not make an appearance in this book, not physically at least.
No, this is more like a story of Cassie finding herself through this case. And you fall in love with the strange world she's been pushed into, and she falls in love with it too.
A young woman is found murdered in some quaint little town. Turns out the woman looks like a twin of our gal Cassie. But she's far from her in most every sense. So what do you do when you have one dead girl and a mirror of her living and in fact in your circle of co workers? Why you switch out the dead girl with the living one, right? It's wonderful, fantastically unrealistic, but all the same, wonderful.

I loved this story. All the gritty bits and beautiful bits and just the bits of it.

Four stars, great book.