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Simple Joy

I have a special place in my heart for different and unique things, which happens to extend to my reading selections.

Daughter of the Blood - Anne Bishop I am SO torn about this book.

The events that happen and the tone of the book is SERIOUSLY twisted.

I said not one day ago, that I wasn't sure if I could continue with this kind of read. It balances on the edge of vulgar, sick, child porn.

I did continue, and finish it, and wow I am happy I did so.

I stumbled in the beginning, went back and checked Goodreads to see if I had missed a book. "I don't understand what's going on..." It took me until about 50% of the book to grasp even the basic concept. Now, maybe that's saying something about the reader, but even at the end I can't even confirm that I have firm knowledge on how the worlds, webs and psychic work.

There are so many complex, interwoven theories(?), paths, I'm not even sure going on here.

What I will say is that it touched me deeply. You can relate to the feelings of the characters here.

Unfortunately, I am a sucker for revenge plots. *CRINGE* I know, again what does that say about me? But, also with the relationships that are built, and complex and deeply emotionally. I connected. I'm there, and that is what won me over. I will absolutely be continuing the series.

Phew. I need a moment.

We're following so dark, aged story here.

The DiSabilo family goes WAY back. 1700 years back. Yes, our characters are that old. We follow Daemon, Satean, Jaenelle and Yasi....I'm butchering their names. I need sleep. I'll continue this when I can come back to it a little more compose.