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I have a special place in my heart for different and unique things, which happens to extend to my reading selections.

The Summoning - Kelley Armstrong Ya okay...some people have good points when it comes to why the felt the book fell short. The beginning of the book was extremely creepy and the opening hooked you. And then Armstrong kind of coasted through the book.

But it was the potential I saw, that I really enjoyed. I saw where this book could go and there were really good moments in here.

I am continuing on with the series because I do think she can pull her shit together and create something unique.

Did I have problem with the predictability? yes. But was it still a good read? absolutely.

We're following the young Miss Chloe Saunders through the book. You start in a creepy scene where she's just a child and an incident happens while the babysitter is watching her. Then Chloe wakes up and the book takes off for the first handful of chapters.

Chloes a little rich girl who does what daddy says and doesn't fight back. She has an aunt that blames her father for pretty much everything.

Chloe goes to an art school and all of a sudden things are happening too fast for her. Her friends are pushing to like a boy and then the incident in the bathroom (; ( ; and bam now she's seein' ghosts folks.

Freaked the eff out, as any normal person should be, she bolts, unfortunately she's the only one who can see the ghost, she's called a crazy and shipped off to a house for "disturbed" children.

That's where a lot of people saw the story fall flat.
You kind of lost touch with the ghost aspect of the story and zoomed in our Chloes social talents.

She meets two boys here, foster brother Simon and Derek. She also meets a pyscho crazy cookie cutter character named "Tori" short for Victoria and then there Rae and Liz. Both kind of bland characters.

From there its kind well like you're reading what you know will happen.

I liked it, I enjoyed it. This wouldn't jump out of my mouth when people ask what book they should read. But it was fun and an easy read.

3.5/ 4.0 stars