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I have a special place in my heart for different and unique things, which happens to extend to my reading selections.

The Bride - Julie Garwood I'm going to be quite frank with you. I was a little nervous while reading this.

I was afraid she would take the typical/realistic road--silly me, I know, the overdominating, overpowering, over-true to history kind of book.Which she did--but she made it bearable, actually more than that, enjoyable.

She made it fun, and although I thought the heroine was a flake at times, I really enjoyed the read.

Alec, our dashing hero, is from Scotland, where it is rumored he murdered his first wife Helena. He is ordered by his king to take an English bride, however not any English bride.

Jamie, our enchantress, is a hard working, ill tempered, raving beauty. Living and taking care of her father's household, she takes full responsibility over her 3 older sisters, as they are too "soft" to handle real life. Unfortunately, her father is a bit of an ass, fully handing over all responsibility to Jamie and letting her accept his burdens.
When her father forgets to pay his taxes, the king punishes the father-ass by demanding he give away TWO of his daughters to our striking hero and a friend of his Daniel.

From there the adventure starts. A battle between the two wills trying to find their ground with each without giving up any of their pride.

There were some "inferior" remarks that you might want to skim over, but other than that a great read.